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I'm a small-town Farmington girl who grew up in the big city of Houston.  I'm a photographer, mentor, teacher and young "glamma" to three cute little Grands..  

I'm slightly obsessed with babies, all things family and the road between home and my grown children.  Oh, and chocolate!

Read on to learn more about me!

Most days you'll find me at home, watching a crime drama on Netflix, while working on my MacBook.  I love Disney flicks, visiting with children, singing loudly and the euphoric feeling I get when I am kind to others. My bags are always packed for my next big road trip - usually to see one of my grown children in either New York City or Provo.  I love my supportive, kind husband who works so hard to help me make my dreams come true. 

One of the biggest events of my life: the birth of my grandson in 2016.

A baby fills a hole in your heart you never knew was there. 


My photography style?  I now offer two types of newborn photography:  light and airy as well as squishy and whimsical.  No two babies are the same, neither are their parents' tastes in photography.  Consequently, I've opened up my style to offer those beautiful Instagram-quality, Lifestyle sessions, or you can get the more sweet, fanciful poses of our Classic sessions.  You decide. 


Why hire Liz?  Why hire anyone?

newborn baby with sister

Anyone can photograph a baby. Right?  


Pull out your newly purchased camera (or worse, your cell phone), focus on that sleeping bundle of sweetness and boom!  Memory made.  


And yet what do you really have of this beautiful human you have just created? A darkly lit, slightly blurry photo of hands down, one of the most important memories of your life and your child's life.  

Years from now will you look back with regret you had not invested in the memory of your child?

With over ten years of working with newborns, Liz knows how to keep a baby safe while still capturing those little details you will always want to remember - the curve of her lips, the curl in his hair, her ten, tiny toes.  In her classic sessions she can create posing magic of your little one, creating works of art you will want to hang throughout your house. In her lifestyle sessions she will capture those tender moments of love found in your home and within your family following the addition of your precious baby.  


So how will you remember?  Years from now will you look back with regret you had not invested in the memory of your child?